Stobo Ladies Day 2019

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Initial Mind Map


Hats & Millenary, Dresses, Suits, Glamour, Heels, Tweed

Sponsor: Stobo Castle

Decadence, Luxury, Glamour, Feminine


Racecourse, Green Grass, Grandstand, Race Rail, Pavilion, Stables


Remember that it’s also Scottish Summer

Mood Board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/jessicashurte/mrc/mrc-ld-2019/




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Photographers as Inspiration

Richard Avedon

elegant women; women and labels of style; classic beauty; location shots




Terence Donovan

classic beauty; fashion forward; studio based




Erwin Blumenfled

fashion focussed; dramatic lighting; stylised; studio based




Helmut Newton

strength in women; dramatic lighting; fashion forward; location shots




People and Fashion as Inspiration

Coco Chanel

strength; independence; glamour; style;





elegant; classic; beauty; strength; glamorous




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Cinema as Inspiration

Peaky Blinders (Male Styling) ?




Secretariat (Races)

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Colour Grading & Lighting

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Other Races

Pippa Middleton for Royal Ascot & Vanity Fair:

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Aintree Races:

Katie Walsh:




The Grand National:

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Photo by Guy Farrow

Blogs & Other Sources







  • To adapt the brand of MRC Ladies Day to become one with a more high end and classic visual.
  • The change in the concept is based on providing a new proposition that refocuses on the target audience.
  • To build a campaign that will reflect and attract the desired audience to race day.
  • To Design a visual which suits various mediums for both print and online use, including bus shelters and billboards.


The overall new look will give the Ladies Day Raceday brand a classic, sophisticated & timeless feel. The models will look glamorous, like Hollywood movie stars of the 40’s and 50’s, creating a visual of ‘I want to be that person and be there that day’.

The images should be cinematic and reference the creative sources using lighting techniques, poses, styling and colour grading.

Shoot: An editorial of location portraits inspired by the Fashion shoots of the past. These images will be shot on various locations at MRC and also indoors in the stadium to avoid weather problems. Images can also be comped together in post production.

Casting & character details: The female model will be Scottish looking, elegant, confident, with only a hint a smile as opposed to a commercial approachable attitude.  The male model will ideally have a rough around the edges look with facial hair and a chic attitude.

Styling & Wardrobe: Props included will be accessories such as binoculars gloves and sunglasses. Male styling will be suits of Walker Slater, lending themselves to the Peaky Blinders style. The Female Model will be styled by Those Were The Days Vintage. Preferably in minimal colour so as to compliment the Tweed suits of the male model. If any colour suits it would be a Red or touches of Red in the garments.

Lighting: The subjects will be dramatically lit with the use of a ranger lighting kit, under-exposing the background/surroundings and leaving light on the models symbolising the Hollywood nature of their glamorous lifestyle at the races.

The viewer will be drawn in to the subject using dramatic lighting, vignetting and colour grading, suggesting that the image is related to Hollywood films.

Post Production: The images will be post processed using a cinematic colour palette referencing a grand Hollywood lifestyle of a movie with consideration of the Summer season. The over all idea is to add a filmic/theatrical quality to the shots.

Images of the horses can be comped into the shots in post should we chose to use actual images of the races.

The dramatic/cinematic quality of these images is symbolic of how we as humans, can be the star of our own real world movie when attending the races that day.


Initial Idea’s

IMG_7520-1 (dragged)




Location Recce




  • Initial Shots will be taken indoors in a studio setting with white background which makes it easier to cut for post processing
  • Final agreed locations will be:
    • The Grand Stand including the signature MRC lacing and architecture
    • 1/2 Furlong Race Rail
    • Stable Doors


Mercedes Maloney-Drummond

Agency Portfolio: http://www.coloursagency.com/faces/mercedes/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cinnamoncandyfloss/

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Jason Cook

Agency Portfolio: http://www.coloursagency.com/faces/jason-cook/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasoncook252/

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(First Edit)

Dress 1 (prefer to avoid black)




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Dress 2 – Not Suited (looking for more elegant)




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Dress 3 (Perhaps too daytime and without elegant edge, colour not suited to Stobo Pink)




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Dress 4 – Not Suited (Halter Neck)




Dress 5 (prefer to avoid long)




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Dress 6 (muted green not suited to Stobo Pink)




Dress 7 – Not Suited (strapless)




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Female Wardrobe Notes:

  • Please note that these were not fit at all and are very quick iPhone shots. Please remember that styling such as the hat, shoes, gloves and Make Up etc will change the look entirely.
  • My favourites are really all options accept Dress 2, I am dubious about Dress 6 for the busy pattern for the shoot and concerned about strapless in Dress 7 however I love the colour (very Summer Time!) and it’s silhouette.

  • Dress 1 is quite possibly everyone’s favourite so far, however my concern is that black may be a little heavy for the shot and could soak up a lot of the lighting.
  • Dress 1 can also bring that classic Audrey Hepburn look with the right styling and really fits with our brief and the looks of past photographs.
  • Dress 2 will look stronger with the models Red Hair however I am concerned that the silhouette and shape around the neckline may be a little heavy.
  • Some dresses will require under skirts to create a more stylistic silhouette. (all dresses other than 1 and 5)
  • Dress 4 could be styled in quite a dark way, a smokey eye and the right Millinery could make this quite an outstanding look.
  • Dress 5 is a little off brief, however this could be a more editorial option with the low neckline, but considering bust size we will need to look at pinning to fit the dress to the model on the day. Dress 5 is a well sort after vintage brand and would be a great addition to the shots it is hard to find.
  • The green in dress 6 may work well with the Tweed suits and the red hair of our chosen model however I’m concerned that the pattern may be a little busy.
  • Claire suggested that we could order a green underskirt for dress 6 which I think could look fabulous but we need to act on this fast due to timings.
  • We need to consider that strapless option in Dress 7 although gorgeous may not work with some of the more narrow formats i.e. the bus billboard
  • Also need to consider shoes and heels for the shoot.

  • Claire also mentioned a vintage Gucci women’s Tux!!!! If we had time I would *definitely* suggest getting a few shots of this on the day! It could be an amazing stand alone shot.


Props & Accessories

Ladies Vintage Theatre/Racing binoculars




  • Male Model: Larger racing binoculars, cane, pocket watch
  • Female Model: Vintage binoculars, Clutch bags, Gloves
  • Both: Champagne and glasses, tickets/racing stubs
  • For studio shots we will require a Race Rail

Make Up


Ascot Races Update




(Second Edit)

New Brief:

  • MRC would like to steer away from anything too dark, so no black dresses, hats and accessories are ok
  • MRC would like the dresses to be something that an attendee to Ladies Day will wear but it should also be a statement piece, leading us down the road of the girl that we all want to be at the races.
  • References to Ascot Races are always a plus however MRC does not have the same rules and regulations in terms of cut and length etc.
  • We should consider that we need to be in lone with a ‘Pink’ as this is part of the Stobo Castle marketing for MRC Ladies Day.

Dress 8


Dress 9


Dress 10 – Clear Favourite


Dress 11




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Dress 12 – Clear Favourite




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Dress 13




Wardrobe Second Edit Notes:

  • Dress 8
    • This is a dress that looks totally different on the hanger. Paired with under skirts and the right hat and accessories this is the most day time option
  • Dress 9
    • The dress has been in featured in multiple alternative/retro bride articles and has been photographed a few times. Paired with the right accessories and hat you will be able to manage a not is bridal vibe. The shoot will have to be conscious of this.
  • Dress 10
    • The shoulder on this dress is completely on trend and gives the dress that ‘statement’ factor we are looking for. The sequins can also be dulled down or even removed in a way in post to make the shot look less evening.
  • Dress 11
    • Another statement dress with the large bow. The only concern with this is that it is sleeveless and so will not fit into aspects ratios for advertising for some shots. This one would most likely look stringer as a full length
  • Dress 12
    • The clear favourite. Although this is a bridal piece it can be accented with strong hats and colour pop shoes.
  • Dress 13
    • The choice here is a little more down to earth. My concern with etc colour is that if anything matches it may start to look a little too ‘mother of the bride’. We need to think of a colour that could send this dress in to a different level of fashion. This will rely heavily on the hat and shoes.


Up Next – Walker Slater Recce



Silver Linings Millinery

Mari Reid



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