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Edinburgh Coffee Lovers is a blog that has been actively promoting Edinburgh city’s speciality coffee shops for seven years. It’s run by enthusiasts in their ‘spare time’ who are passionate about great coffee and about supporting the small businesses that provide this great coffee. They’ve recently ‘appified’ the blog so visitors and locals can easily navigate their way around Edinburgh to find the best independent coffee shops.



Pru Whitwell – Writer, Owner & Entrepreneur

Email address – edinburghcoffeelovers@yahoo.co.uk

Contact number – 0759 980 9981





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Potential Subjects & Contributorsc10face03a88adace4d2b4a244f27aef

  • Artisan Roast
  • Brew Lab
  • Cairngorm Coffee
  • Castello Coffee
  • Cobalt Coffee
  • Filament
  • Fortitude
  • Hula
  • Leo’s Beanery
  • Mr Eion
  • Nexus
  • The Counter
  • Urban Angel
  • Wellington


Edinburgh’s Coffee Hot Shots aims to put coffee lovers in touch with the men and women who have helped make Edinburgh a top coffee destination and further strengthen the connection between customers and local independent coffee shops.

* ‘Edinburgh Coffee Lovers’ shines a light on the capital’s coffee experts for the first time through new photo portrait series

* Blogger aims to encourage customers to learn more about local specialist coffee

* Portraits to be shown at Edinburgh’s first Coffee Festival on 3 October and online

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“Our portraits aim to introduce our friendly coffee experts so customers feel comfortable about talking to them, learning more and trying specialty coffees. Apart from highlighting where to go for truly excellent coffee, our portraits also underline the diversity that locally owned independent coffee shops bring to our community compared to the face-less multinational coffee shop chains.”

Business Name(s) Position(s) Notes
Artisan Roast Lukasz Manager

Popular but independent chain. Shot will take place at Broughton Street venture. Shots will work best outdoors due to small and dark coffee house.

Brew Lab Dave Law & Tom Hyde Owners

Young entrepreneurs/owners. Near Edinburgh Uni and so clientele is mostly students and hipsters. Also have training lab below coffee house.

Cairngorm Coffee Robbie Owner/Manager

Independently run coffee shop on Frederick street. The shop has individual rustic charm and they pride themselves in offering good coffee without the pretentiousness.

Castello Coffee Sandro Owner/Manager

Small coffee house on castle street, well known in coffee community for excellent brew.

Cobalt Coffee Adam & Partner Owners

Police box coffee stand in Marchmont.

Filament Jamie Owner/Manager

Coffee house in Newinton.

Fortitude Matt & Partner

Coffee House owned and managed by couple. Location Queen Street.

Hula Susan & Barista Owner/Manager, Barista

Health food cafe and juice bar located at the bottom of Victoria street. Known more for juice so will be good to introduce them to the coffee scene.

Leo’s Beanery Marie & Staff Owner, staff, managers, barista’s

Family run coffee houses hiring  trained barista’s. Well known for excellent cakes and gluten free options. Shoot will take place at Dundas street location.

Mr Eion Mr Eion & Wife Owner/Manager

Mr Eion and his wife are local coffee roasters. He has recently invested in a beautiful retro inspired coffee roaster which is his pride and joy.

Nexus John Thompson Owner

John deals with the sourcing and scientific aspect of coffee roasting. He manages supplies all over the city and works closely and frequently with the guys at Artisan Roast. The lab is somewhat sterile in appearance and has unrecognisable machinery to the untrained eye.

The Counter Ali and Alison Owners

Police box coffee houses owned by another husband and wife team. The most appealing house visually will probably be the coffee house at Usher Hall.

Urban Angel Anne & Michal Manager & Barista

Cafe and restaurant on Hanover street which focusses on healthy and local produce.

Wellington John Sharp Owner

Wellington coffee on George street seems to exist on good reputation alone with very little web presence but offering great coffee. John Sharp is well known across the industry and is somewhat of an Enigma working primarily behind the scenes championing independent coffee houses through support.

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9 Dean Park StreetEdinburghEH4 1JN view map
  • Telephone 0131 343 1354
  • Opening times Wed & Fri/Sat 10am–5pm; Thu 10am–6pm; Sun 11am–3pm. Closed Mon/Tue.
  • Email info@mreion.com
  • Website www.mreion.com

Eion Henderson worked in cafes in Aberdeen for ten years before his move to Edinburgh to open Mr Eion (pronounced Ian) in late 2013. That decade of experience behind coffee machines is now channeled into buying green coffee beans from a family-run London importer, which are then roasted onsite and sold direct to the public or wholesale to cafes and restaurants. You can buy beans or ground coffee from the Stockbridge shop, checking out the green beans in their hessian bags leaned up against one wall, as well as fancy pots, drippers and brewers.


Artisan Roast

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Illustrations by Rosanna Morris


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Brew Lab


Cobalt Coffee

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Castello Coffee Co.

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The Counter – Police Box Coffee Bars

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Coffee Nexus

Coffee Consulting and Training

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Leo’s Beanery


“We are a family run cafe slap bang in the middle of the beautiful New Town

of Edinburgh, ideally situated for our many, lovely local faces and equally

for the wandering visitor ambling through our gorgeous city.

Pop in and enjoy our beautiful surroundings, deliciously fresh

home baking and quality local produce”.

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Urban Angel

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Wellington coffee on George street have very little web presence with only  a Facebook page which has been created by customers who frequent the location for it’s excellent coffee.

Even without this web presence they still have a very strong reputation in the industry in Edinburgh and the owner John is somewhat of an ‘enigma’ to the other people who are involved in bringing independent coffee shops to the forefront.



Coffee Shop Date Subject Notes
Filament Wednesday 3 Jamie Newington
Cairngorm Coffee Saturday 5 Robbie Frederick st
Cobolt Coffee Saturday 5 Adam & partner Marchmont
Mr Eion roaster Sunday 6 Eion & Dana Dean Park
The Counter Tuesday 8 The Counter Usher Hall
Castello Coffee Tuesday 8 Sandro Castle Street
Fortitude Coffee Tuesday 8 Matt & partner Queen Street
Little Green Van Friday 11 Terry Palmer Portobello
Coffee Nexus Thu 17 John Thompson Warriston Park
Artisan Roast Thu 17 Lukasz Broughton st
Brew Lab Mon 21 Dave & Tom Newington
Wellington Coffee Mon 21 Jon Sharp George st
Hula Tues 22 Susan & Barista

Victoria st



Contextual Overview

Edinburgh Coffee Lovers has recently created a new app to help coffee-loving locals and visitors find the Capital’s best independent coffee shops quickly and easily, even when they’re offline. Costing £0.79p, the app shows a map of coffee shops nearby with ratings, reviews and photos, so coffee lovers can choose a cafe to suit their style and mood. The app is updated regularly as new coffee shops open.

The rating covers the coffee and only the coffee. But to give an overall flavour of each coffee house, the reviews outline the brew method available, the ‘coolness’ factor and an overview of the food menu.

Pru has been blogging about Edinburgh’s coffee scene since she moved here from Sydney seven years ago. She has worked with local developer Black Company Studios to offer her blog as an iPhone App. “When I first arrived there were only a handful of high quality coffee shops in the whole of Edinburgh. Now we’ve got a lot more choice – coffee shops whose main focus is high quality, ethically sourced coffee made by expert baristas are opening up regularly, which is great for consumers.”

The “Edinburgh Coffee Lovers” app is now available in iTunes and Pru is currently working to develop an Android App.

Edinburgh’s fondness for coffee dates back to the 17th century coffee houses, but the city’s obsession has been rapidly accelerating in the last few years with an increase in the number of new, specialist coffee shops.

Edinburgh’s independent coffee scene is at an exciting point because more and more high quality coffee shops are opening up, offering more choice to customers. Edinburgh now also have a Coffee Festival taking place in October. But while appreciation of specialist coffee is growing, a lot of people are still learning about it. Some people are unsure about what to ask for, and others can tend to think there’s a bit of ‘coffee snobbery’ going on.

The idea is to produce a series of portraits highlighting “Edinburgh’s Coffee Hot Shots”. These people have been behind the scenes, or their coffee machines, quietly and collectively making thousands of high quality coffees every day for a number of years. Now that locals and visitors are starting to recognise great coffee, this could be used as an opportunity to properly introduce Edinburgh’s baristas, trainers and owners to new and existing customers through print and online media.

Job Solutions

The consistent creative threads through all the portraits is friendliness, engaging directly with the viewer through eye contact, beauty, individuality and personality.

For these images it will be important to ensure that the viewer connect with the subject. For this reason in the images the subjects should be gazing at the camera as smiling, warm and friendly, accessible characters.


The portraits will be set in each Hot Shot’s shop and the choice will be theirs about who will be featured. In some cases an owner or an individual is featured, in other cases owners may want to include their head barista or wider team.


The images should also make reference Edinburgh’s beautiful gothic surroundings, using cast iron fencing to frame the subjects, including sandstone brick work and relevant landmarks to set the scene.

Aims and objectives

  • ‘Edinburgh Coffee Lovers’ aims to shine a light on the capital’s coffee experts for the first time through a new photo portrait series
  • Blogger aims to encourage customers to learn more about local specialist coffee
  • Portraits to be shown at Edinburgh’s Coffee Festival and online
  • Create images of real and diverse people in their natural surroundings
  • Create images that represent the sitters’ friendliness and approachability, engaging the viewer directly
  • Introduce some of these real people behind our great specialty coffee scene to a wide range of Edinburgh people, telling a bit of their story and motivation
  • Build a stronger relationship between current and future coffee lovers and the people who run small, independent businesses that make some of the best coffee in Edinburgh
  • Send a strong signal that Edinburgh’s specialty coffee culture is one of friendly inclusiveness, not coffee snobbery
  • Collaborate with people to create something new for Edinburgh and Scotland and in turn promote their businesses, the Edinburgh Coffee Festival and the ECL blog and app.
  • Pitch story and images to local newspapers such as the Scotsman and the Evening News
  • Promote project and photographs using a strong web presence and social media

The portraits aim to introduce friendly coffee experts so customers feel comfortable about talking to them, learning more and trying specialty coffees. Apart from highlighting where to go for truly excellent coffee, the portraits also underline the diversity that locally owned independent coffee shops bring to our community compared to the face-less multinational coffee shop chains.


Article is published!

Food & Drink Article at The Scotsman

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