Alex Watney Burn Victims

Alex Watney Special Effects Make Up Artistry

Contextual overview

Alexandra Watney is looking to pursue a career as a make-up artist and is currently studying at the Edinburgh College, Granton campus. She is on an intensive two-year course which aims to teach the skills you need in the make-up industry as well as essential hairdressing skills.

In the first year she has focussed on fashion make-up through the units of Basic Make-up, Fashion and Photographic Make-up, Business Skills and Applied Hairdressing. Currently in her 2nd year you are required to develop specific skills in Special Effects Character Make-up and Continuity Cutting.

These are all specialised areas relevant to working within the performing arts industry. Upon completing this course Alex will be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to pursue a successful career as a make-up artist. She aims to pursue are a whole range of opportunities in TV film and fashion.

For her Special Effects assignment Alex has decided upon proposing a shoot which deals with burn and injury victims. Her proposal suggests a scenario which involves two models, both whom have been injured in an explosion. One has been hit across the head with flying debris and is trying to pull his friend to safety. The other is severely wounded with burns and in the scenario will eventually die.

Job Solutions

The project will require head shots and a sequence of action shots. Because of the nature of the storyline a wise creative decision for this project would be to add cinematic lighting, colour grading and formatting to make the images appear to be more like a television show or movie. This will add interest and drama to the over all series.

Models & Styling

For this project Alex Watney and I will work together to source x 2 models for the shoot. They should look like ‘ordinary’ people rather than fashion models, should have some acting ability and a willingness to contribute to the over all shoot.


The shooting location will be organised by myself. The location should appear to be in a public area such as a mall or factory in order to contribute to Alex’s storyline idea’s. For this reason I will approach and work with Sainsbury’s in Gorgie, Edinburgh who have an empty warehouse above the store which we are able to shoot in.


Sainbury’s contact details:

Store Manager – Martin Lowe

Assistant Manager – Dave Benson

Address – 39 Westfield Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2QW

Email address –

Contact number: 0131 347 8560

Mood Board Images 

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 13.46.39Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 13.46.50Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 13.47.01

Aims and objectives

  • Create dramatic and cinematic images to be shown in online and print portfolio’s
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in special effects make up field
  • Create images that represent the make up artists technical ability and visual style
  • Build relationships with MUA’s, models and location sources


Special Effects Make Up Artistry – Edinburgh College

Alex Watney

Email address –

Contact number – 07837 736563


Graeme Cunningham

Email address –

Contact number – 0753 088 2144


The deadline for shoots to be considered for the submission to Edinburgh College is mid-March. I would like to complete at least two shoots for Alex and these shoots will take place between the 28th of January and the 18th of February.

Shoot 1 – Wednesday the 10th of February

Shoot 2 – Wednesday the 17th of February

Shoot 3 – Wednesday the 24th of February (smoke photography – studio)

Editing to be complete by Wednesday the 24th of February. The images should have a cinematic quality to inject drama in to the scene. This will be achieved using cinematic colour grading and experimenting with 16×9 cropping. Due to location restrictions smoke will need to be added during the editing process in post.

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